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A family owned nonprofit cat rescue, we rehabilitate kittens/cats/ferals in our home and they live with us until they are adopted or moved to barn homes for mousers. Our cats never see a cage of any kind unless they are feral or they are being transported. 

We don't place boundaries on where we travel, we go where needed so that cases are covered in a wider area.

Adoption fees will vary for the cats as their medical requirements can vary.
I have always had a love for felines even since early childhood. I would slip away from my house and go to the neighbours house if they had kittens, once even falling asleep with the kittens underneath a deck. I have always wondered why it is that people treat them as they do. They are tossed away, beaten abused, neglected. Some of the things I have seen are things that people should never have to see. I aim to change the lives of these felines as they clearly deserve much better. They are extremely loving, living beings who are most often misunderstood.

It is widely the opinion resulting from what we have seen with our own eyes that people don't seem to understand that they will not be ok if you dump them off somewhere because you no longer want them, they have been domesticated and are no longer wild. They don't just go back to their roots and become wild again. They look for you all the time and wait for you to come back because you were their pack and packs don't just disappear. Your cat trusted you as a pack member...they wait for you to come back until it threatens their well being to wait any longer. Then they try to find home alot of the time. They try to find shelter, warmth, food and safety along the way. They try to get home to you.  Often they do not make it home.

Why is it that when cats are afraid people get discouraged and try to demand they come out of their shell and play or socialize with you...if the tables were turned and you had been traumatized by a cat and another cat came along and tried hard to get you to pet him or play with him etc, would you not become fed up at them trying to engage you because you were traumantized by one of them and you would get angry that they were not leaving you alone. I mean you gave them hints that you did not want to be engaged but they disregarded what you needed and tried to force what they wanted upon you. You would be afraid of that paw (hand) coming at you and you would not trust what they wanted from you, you would not trust what they wanted from you, that takes time and respect to build trust exacly the same as it does for the cat you found. The feelings are no different between humans and cats. People try to say they are but this is completey for their benefit. It is not true. I have heard people say their cat is dirty and I wonder how often they clean the litterbox. Cats hate anything dirty. They don't want to use a litterbox that is full of excrement or urine just like you would not want to sit on a toilet that was full of feces or urine. You would look for a clean spot to relieve yourself. What about trying different litter, sometimes textures can put a cat off but alot of people don't take the time to understand this they just demand that they use what is put in front of them. How would you feel if you had to sit on some thing hard and full of lumps or something that created a huge dust cloud everytime you sat on it? Again you would look for what you preferred just as they do. Would you want to use a toilet that was pushed into a dark, damp corner of the basement, my guess is no you would look for a different spot.

Cats are truly amazing creatures and they deserve to be treated much better than they are treated. Do your research and learn about them. Foster first before making that decision. Ask lots of questions, rescuers know alot about cats and their habits, likes, dislikes, etc.  Observe the cat and learn what they are truly like. It will work out for the best in the end.

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Lesa Belaire
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