I have been working with cats and kittens for over 25 years in the Ottawa Valley Area. I believe cats and animals in general are in need of a strong voice to help them fight against abandonment, neglect and abuse, cats however are so often targeted for abandonment, overpopulating, violent abuse and/or neglect.  This needs to change, abandonment, overpoulation, violence, neglect, lack of basic necessities for any living being is not ok.

I vet all the cats that come into care, their adoption price varies as it reflects their medical care requirements, those who are old enough  to be spayed/neutered are done with the price reflecting that care, we only charge an adoption fee for covering medical bills. Food, litter, toys,  bedding etc is covered by donations.

We use a variety of foods but the main food we use is Blue Buffalo. They are raised on a variety of litters to avoid cats being fussy on which litter they are given to use.

None of our cats here at Second Hand Mommies ever live in cages. They live in the house with us as family. When a new face comes in they are given a room to themselves to be given time to become accustomed to the enviroment and for us to assess their health. Once they are here for a bit and after a visit to the vet they start to interact with the other cats under supervision. Afer they are introduced to everone and all goes well they become part of the family and live among us. sleeping on our bed or curling up on our couch.

Second Hand Mommies will sometimes ask people to sponsor a kitten/cat in need. This inludes the intake, vetting, care and fostering for a kitten in need. This happens if we are full or not able to meet the needs or provide the care for those in need. This has been very successful and has resulted in  more kittens/cats being taken off of the cold streets, taken to a vet and given medicines and receiving a warm, safe home to heal and rest. Sometime the person sponsoring their care will deciede to keep them and other times they are put up for adoption.

Second Hand Mommies strives to provide the very best for all cats in care and all cats needing care. We research other rescues with hopes of matching kittens/cats to potential owners if we do not have a kitten/cat that meets the criteria of the adopter and/or if we do not have room for another intake and a sponsor cannot be found, we want to see no more cats suffering without care or a place to call home.

Lesa Belaire
Eganville, ON
K0J 1T0
[email protected]